Our vision is of a thriving, creative local community where contemporary art practice has a natural place. We are always looking for  new collaborations with institutions, organisations and other local producers of culture.

Our wish is

To create a peaceful, secluded oasis where artistic ideas, discussions and  cross-boundary collaborations can grow and develop.

To be a space for professional theatre and performance artists, dancers, choreographers, sculptors, painters, musicians and writers both within  the region and beyond.

To arrange workshops as a small scale but broad and engaged cultural learning enterprise for the general public – we are especially interested by art, sustainable development, traditional crafts and building conservation, gardening, alternative lifestyles, Yoga and dance.

To develop collaborations with galleries and venues in nearby Uppsala and Gävle to exhibit the results of residencies for the general public, when that is appropriate and applicable.

To co-create regional networks for artists residencies and curate temporary mobile residencies in the region.

To initiate cultural events of high artistic quality, in collusion with other local and regional producers and so add to a living, creative rural Uppland.