Getting here

Below is some information on different ways of getting here, and getting around while you are staying in Hållnäs.

It’s worth buying a ticket all the way to Skärplinge bus terminal (or the bus stop Edvalla affär, it’s the same price) at the beginning of your journey. Sweden is going cash-free very fast, there is often no way to pay on train or buses with cash – sometimes a debit card works but only on the bus. So look out for ticket machines, or a staffed counter in stations and on platforms.

Here’s a few links that might be useful when planning your journey: is the website of the Swedish national rail. is the commuter train and bus service operator in our part of the country. All public transport (travel planner and ticket purchase)

By train:

The long-distance national rail trains (SJ) that traffic for example Malmö – Stockholm, takes you on to Tierp, the nearest town to us. The SJ trains are direct but less frequent – it takes about an hour from Stockholm to Tierp.  If you from Stockholm take a regional SL train (commuter train), you change in Uppsala to the red Upptåget train (UL). These two commuter trains use the same platform, so it’s a quick and easy change.


In Tierp you jump on bus 510 to the tiny Skärplinge bus terminal, where we can pick you up if there is no connection. Often the 510 connects to the 515 in Skärplinge, which on the same ticket brings you even further out on the Hållnäs peninsula – it’s worth checking if you can get to Edvalla affär or Hjälmunge macken, in which case you about 10 mins drive from us. Pretty easy! 

We are keeping our fingers crossed that train travel in Europe will be made easier in the coming years, there is certainly a lot of interest in Sweden in travelling more by train.

From the airport:

The nearest airport is Stockholm Arlanda (the main airport north of the capital). There’s both regional commuter trains (SL and UL) and long-distance trains (SJ) going north from the airport 

train station, so it’s easy and relatively cheap to get to Tierp, the nearest town to us. The SJ trains are direct, with the SL train you change in Uppsala to the red Upptåget train (UL). These two commuter trains use the same platform, so it’s a quick and easy change.

See the bit above about buses from Tierp to Hållnäs peninsula!

If you’d fly Ryanair or with low-fare companies, you’d probably pay less for the flight, but will end up at Skavsta, south of Stockholm, so there’s a longer (5 hours ca) and slightly pricier journey to us, via Stockholm. 

Travel here by car (from the south Stockholm/Uppsala):

Drive E4 north towards Gävle/Sundsvall. Take exit 193 to Tierp, take 1st exit in the roundabout.

Go straight through the next small roundabout, follow the road past Tierp towards Skärplinge.

In Skärplinge, turn right onto 76, then immediately left onto Hållnäsvägen, following the signs towards Hållnäs k:a (church).

After the windy forest road, take right towards Hållnäs k:a.

Follow the road through Edvalla village past the large yellow church. 

In Hjälmunge, turn left towards Fågelsundet.

In Hållen village, keep left at the fork and turn right towards Nyboda at the yellow sign.

After ca 500 metres, turn right just after the yellow house on the right – it’s hard to miss, there are two white fence posts with lanterns on them. This is the guest house and a good place to park your car, our place is just beyond the yellow house you passed, 200 metres into the forest. There is also a walking path behind the guest house that leads to our property – you will see the barn with many windows through the trees. Welcome, you made it!

If you are planning to see the area, it’s handy to have your own vehicle. You will find that Hållen is relatively remote. The nearest bus stop is not really walking distance. We can provide a bike, if needed, the landscape is very flat and cycle friendly!