Archive – past AiR

Archive – past residencies and retreats


Oväntat besök – Modus MobilHållnäs (Unexpected visit) – an art project by SU-EN Butoh Company and Ars&Mundus which took place at several different sites in Hållnäs during two days in Hållnäs 2021. Artists Amit Sen och SU-EN created unexpected site-specific improvisations at each place the project visited. The project closed with a public film screening at the community center and outdoor museum/dance pavillion Verstuberget i Edvalla. Watch the film (30 mins) and read more about the project here!

Oväntat besök – Modus Mobile has previously travelled to New York, Hammenhög, Uppsala, Pajala, Indien, Indonesien och Japan. Oväntat besök – Modus MobilHållnäs was a collaboration between Ars & Modus, SU-EN Butoh Company, Hållnäs konstkoloni and Hållnäs Hembygdsförening, with support from Tierps kommun och Kulturenheten Region Uppsala.

We continued our composition/sound art exchange with sister residency DAR – Druskininkai Artists’ Residence in Lithuania.  Composers Martynas Bialobžeskis och Marija Paškevičiūtė, both based in Vilnius, spent two weeks each in Hållnäs in June and August respectively. During 2021, two Swedish composers, Hannah Federley Holmkvist and Thommy Wahlström, was in residence in Druskininkai.

Martynas Bialobžeskis spent his residency working on a site-specific project based on field recordings from nature in Hållnäs. Listen to this piece here.

Martynas also participated in a digital artist talk togheter with Swedish composer Thommy Wahlström, moderated by Åsa Norling and produced by Kultur och fritid, Tierps kommun.

60 min artist talk at Kulturhuset Möbeln in June 2021, in English, digital due to Covid restrictions.

Marija Paškevičiūtė spent her residency with us working on several projects of her own. She also took contributed to a local concert of electronic music in a gallery in Lövstabruk, organised by Kalliope and Kulturföreningen Lövstabruk.

The Hållnäs-Druskininkai exchange is a collaboration between Kulturenheten Region Uppsala and Lithuanian Composers´ Union, supported by Tierps kommun this year.

Kulturenheten Region Uppsala´s theatre residency 2021 was awarded Maja Salomonsson, Anna Haglund and Johanna Mårtensson stipendiet, to work in Hållnäs for a week with their project Utopier i verkligheten. which premiered in Stockholm during October.

During their stay, the artists invited locals to participate in a conversation on the theme of utopia.

We hosted a yogaretreat, the forth year running, with Unifying Yoga.

During 2021, we were also pleased to host Isabella BancewiczKatarina EismannSara ElggrenNadia TolstoyFathia Mohidin, Päivi Fredäng och Anne Agardh, amongst others.



July/August. Visual artist and illustrator Isabella Bancewicz, based in Rom, spent two weeks with us to work on comics and a personal project. Read more about Isabella`s work here.

August. Region Uppsala´s theatre residency. This year, Uppsala-based theatre company  Teater Aros spent a week in Hållnäs, working in their production Hysteria, a site-specific performance piece at The Medical history museum in Uppsala. Read more about Teater Aros projekt here.

August.  Unifying Yoga,  yogaretreat.

August. Community theatre group Alla Åldrars Scen returned for a member’s day in our barn studios.

September. Bernhard Schirg, a scholar and writer from the University of Oxford, stayed a few weeks to write and read in our guest house. He runs an academic project on the Swedish universal genius Olof Rudbeck, who pinpointed Plato’s Atlantis on the map of Sweden.


Kulturenheten Region Uppsala Theatre residency . (AnneLee Vikner, Gustav Uddgård och Johan Stavring.)

Yogaretreat Unifying Yoga.

First year of our Sound art/composition residency exchange  Druskininkai-Hållnäs with DAR.  Composer Juta Pranulytė from Vilnius (in Hållnäs) and Karlholm-based artist Pavel Matveyev (in Druskininkai, Lithuania.) Supported by Kulturenheten Region Uppsala.


Kulturenheten Region Uppsala Theatre residency . (Emma Löfström and Klara Bendz, Bananteatern.)

Choreography collective Samlingen, research and development residency for their touring production Samlingen – en danshistoria for Riksteatern .

Yogaretreat Unifying Yoga.