Staying here

Guests stay at a guest house/cabins ca 150 metres from the studio barn, at an adjacent property (Hållen 435)

There are two double bedrooms in the main guest house. In the smaller guest cabin, there is a double bedroom, a small room with table and sofa, a veranda and outdoor shower. There is also an additional double room in another outbuilding across a lawn from the main cottage. 

In the main cottage, there’s also a kitchen/dining area, a living room with a fireplace, electric piano and desk space, and a bathroom with hot shower and compost toilet. 

There is also: 

  • outdoor patio with bbq 
  • washing machine 
  • outdoor shower and an outdoor compost toilet
  • duvets, blankets and pillows
  • sheets and towels, if needed
  • a Yamaha electric piano
  • a bright desk space close to the fire place
  • a desk space in the outbuilding (summer use)

People: Hållnäs konstkoloni is, in summertime, a home for artists in residence and occasional volunteers, as well as a family with two small children and a cat. Not all in the same house, but nearby! There are usually plenty of opportunities for social interaction,  tea breaks, meals and conversation – but always space to be on one’s own, too. Do ask if you have any questions about how crowded, or lonesome, it might be at a certain time.

Internet: There’s only mobile broadband out here in Hållnäs. Sometimes it works well to participate in online meetings with video, sometimes not, depending on how many are online in the area. At present (nov 2021), there is a WiFi router with a SIM card in the guest house, this can also be moved to the barn if necessary. The amount of data is unlimited, speed is not. If you have a smartphone, you might find that using your phone as a hotspot works better than our router. Some guests enjoy limiting their online time while staying here 🙂

Covid: We ask guests to respect whatever covid restrictions are in place when booking and during your stay, and take responsibility that you are aware of any travel restrictions or precautions needed. We would like to know if you are vaccinated against covid, at initial contact. Be aware that you will be in a slightly remote setting, not so close to pharmacy and medical clinic.

Our local grocery shop is small (though fairly well stocked) and might be busy on Friday afternoons and generally around 2pm-5pm. Otherwise, it is easy to keep a distance in Hållnäs – there is plenty of space! Buses tend not to be crowded. Do ask if you have questions!