AiR at Hållnäs konstkoloni – how to book

Book a residency, retreat or course venue – feel free to contact us.

We welcome both individual artists and small groups of up to 8 people. We also welcome partners and children, when possible.

If you have ideas for a future art project, retreat or course you would like to run here, please email us at or ring Åsa +46 0704 68 46 07.

At present, we do not receive any general external funding. The visiting artist or group needs to provide funding themselves for travel, accommodation, studio hire and materials. The cost of staying here depends a little on the artist’s needs and the season. Email Åsa and describe what you would like to do and we will send you a suggestion. Since April 2018, we are members of ResArtis.

In some cases, we might be able to offer an artist a reduced fee, in exchange for part-time help with upkeep and gardening. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about this.

Our converted barn contains three rustic studio spaces for visiting artists to use. There are also a couple of desk spaces at the guest cabin, one of which is available during the winter months.

Hållnäs konstkoloni is, in summertime, a home for artists in residence and occasional volunteers, as well as a family with two small children and a cat. Not all in the same house, but nearby! There are usually plenty of opportunities for social interaction,  tea breaks, meals and conversation – but always space to be on one’s own, too.